The income Generating Activities program is designed to empower orphans vulnerable children, and their families financially. The primary goal is to promote self-reliance and sustainability by improving their financial conditions so they can attain their basic needs for themselves.

Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization encourages orphans, vulnerable children, and their families to engage in income-generating activities and helps them to start up projects that have a short payback period and can offer a sustainable income solution. Where we can, we support them with farm inputs, start-up capital, knowledge, and skills.

The income-generating activities include; Farming (growing of crops and rearing of animals), Bricklaying, Tailoring, Art, and crafts.

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“The future of orphans and vulnerable children can only be assured through access to basic education”

Sponsoring a child’s education is one of the most incredible gift you can give. Due to poverty, many children are denied education, limiting their future and perpetuating a cycle of poverty. Providing a child with access to education opens up options for their future and empowers them with options, knowledge and also gives the children the opportunity to help lift their families and community out of poverty, gives them aspirations for the future, helps them develop leadership skills and guides them on the choices to make in order to achieve success both now and in the future.

Lack of tuition and scholastic materials are the major challenges which orphans and vulnerable children are facing in their education. Many children in lower and upper levels have not attained education because their parents have passed on or are in extreme poverty. This has forced many children out of school hence problems like early pregnancies resulting in early marriages, drug abuse, rampant theft, robbery, and prostitution.

Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization is working to provide better educational opportunities to orphans and vulnerable children. We empower them to complete their basic as well as advanced schooling and we achieve this by creating a safe and efficient learning environment, providing basic school supplies, tuition, reducing the level of education disparity, and also reducing the barriers that orphans and vulnerable children face for schooling.

Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization supports orphans and vulnerable children to access basic education through the provision of scholastic materials and tuition. We believe that through education support, these children can be equipped with knowledge and skills that will enable them to live meaningful lives while preparing for their future.

Scholastic materials that we provide include; exercise books, textbooks, pens, pencils, school uniforms, mathematical sets, Ipads, laptops, and school bags.

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 Health Care is aimed at maintenance or improvement of health through the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

The purpose of health care is to prevent premature death and disability, ensure proper growth and enhance quality life. Health issues affecting children and vulnerable people in the community are cross-cutting and we have registered the same cases in the Buwenge community though there might be a slight difference depending on the geography. The emerging health issues include; Malaria, Typhoid, Measles, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Diabetes, High blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Cancer, Stroke, and many others.

Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization embarks on helping the children and wider community to access basic health care. We ensure that the health standards of the children and community are our priority through the provision of support for medical treatment, provision of mosquito nets, and equipping them with knowledge through sensitization to help in tackling different illnesses such as malaria, typhoid, and other bacterial infections at the community level.

Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization organizes community health education campaigns and training embarking on sensitization on the prevention of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, typhoid, and many others. We ensure that the children and the wider community are equipped with knowledge and skills as an avenue for leading them to a safe and healthy lifespan.

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Nutrition is the intake of food, considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs. Good nutrition – an adequate, well-balanced diet combined with regular physical activity – is a cornerstone of good health

Malnutrition starts early in infancy for children in Uganda. By estimate, at birth, about 11 percent of children are already stunted due to the poor nutrition of their mothers during pregnancy. The effects of malnutrition have resulted in a high disease burden for children in Uganda.

Orphans and vulnerable children often live in impoverished conditions and are prone to hunger and starvation. Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization believes that all children deserve a chance to thrive and succeed, No child should go to bed hungry. Through the support of generous and compassionate individuals, churches, and partner organizations, altogether we have the power to bring comfort and joy to children facing uncertainty, hunger, and starvation. With proper nutrition early in life, children can grow, develop and thrive to their potential. The food we provide includes; rice, maize flour (posho), beans, vegetables, irish, sweet potatoes, fish, meat, cassava, bananas, chicken and eggs, etc.

Please join us in this charity work to provide the much-needed food and clean water for the orphans and vulnerable children. Kindly take a moment right now to send a donation, each donation no matter the amount is a tremendous act of kindness that will touch lives in a special way and provide food for the hungry children. Please  DONATE NOW or contact us by clicking CONTACT US





Being an orphan doesn’t mean they don’t have needs and feelings. Losing parents doesn’t mean they lost being humans, they are still people – just orphans. It breaks our heart to say that orphans are deprived of the basic necessities that support daily care. One of these necessities is clothing and footwear. Imagine not having anything appropriate to wear in harsh weather conditions how would you feel?. Orphans go through this misery every day of every year, even the images of orphan children wearing little to no clothing in Uganda are gut-wrenching. Many of these unfortunate children don’t have clothes and footwear to keep them warm in cold weather.

Please help us to improve the quality of life for an orphan today!. Let’s join our hands together to become the orphan’s family. We assure you that all your donations will make a direct impact on these children.

If a single drop of water can start a ripple effect in the ocean then one penny from your end can also make an everlasting change in the lives of orphans.

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In (Mark 16:15). “He said to them, ” Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”.

At Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization, we seek to make disciples through our strategies of encouraging, equipping, and empowering the children and community that we serve to know, grow in Christ, and also lead others to do the same. We are a Christ-Centered organization and through our programs, we teach, instill and strengthen the core values and beliefs of the Born Again Christian Faith.

We teach the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ministry children and community to enhance their relationship with God. We teach them to put God first in their lives and we use the Holy Bible as our primary source of all the spiritual knowledge we teach.

We would like to continue reaching more souls with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and we are seeking for partners to join us in this Godly work. If you are a God-fearing person, Christian, or a Church and would like to support and partner with us, we would like to hear from you!. We are in need of Holy Bibles, and financial support. Please  DONATE NOW or Contact Us by clicking CONTACT US

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (Proverbs 9:10)


Through our Soccer Academy School called Soccer Talents Academy which is affiliated to Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization, We run a Soccer Talents Development Program and through this program, we promote, discover and encourage children and youths with soccer football talents and we help them realize their potential through providing them with the necessary guidance, training and basic sports equipments such as soccer balls, soccer boots, cleats, soccer uniforms, bibs and cones that are essential in promoting and developing their football talents and sports skills.

We also use the tool of soccer football sport to teach essential life skills such as communication, leadership, discipline and motivation which help to give young children and youths a focus keeping them away from temptation of drugs, alcohol, prostitution and other inappropriate behaviors which become major problems if young children and youths are not guided properly and taught the right way to behave. Football Sport brings children and youths closer together and through soccer football sport, we teach them Godly and Christian Values, good morals, skills, discipline and good behaviors.

We would like to continue doing this good work but there is still a big challenge as we lack sports gear equipments for the children and youths to use, lack finances, resources and infrastructure and we are seeking for individuals, Christian Academies, Soccer Academies, institutions, sports partners and well-wishers who can partner with us and support us in this work, we would like to hear from you!. Want to know more about our Soccer Academy School, please visit www.soccertalentsacademy.org

If you would like to support us financially in this work, please Click DONATE NOW or CONTACT US if you would like to donate soccer sports gear equipments be it new or used soccer equipments that are still in good condition.