Many of the children supported by Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization have lost one or both parents and some children live with relatives or foster families. These children are living in families that are hugely affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and extreme poverty. The parents, guardians, or foster families suffer ill health and are absolutely poor, and they are struggling every day to provide food, education, and other basic needs for the children. This leaves the children in a vulnerable position and the children are going through daily suffering and misery. These orphans and vulnerable children have no way of meeting their basic needs, no education, and no hope for a future. Without intervention, these children regularly go hungry, turn to lives of crime, succumb to preventable diseases, or worse.

When a child gets a sponsor, the child looks at the sponsor as a family, a family where they belong. When you come in to sponsor a child at this critical stage, you save him or her from perishing and we believe that the sponsored child will in the future change the community and entire nation for the glory of God.

In Uganda, there is no free education, parents, guardians, or foster parents must pay for all their children’s tuition and scholastic materials unless their children receive scholarships or the child has a sponsor. Because of the poor communities, Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization in partnership with generous individuals, churches, and partner organizations seek to bring about change and tries to find ways to help the orphans, poor and vulnerable children in the community who are desperately in need of education, food, and other basic needs.

With only $50 per month, you can sponsor a child and your sponsorship will enable Light of Hope Orphans Care Organization to provide a sponsored child with the most needed food, quality education, clothing, and medical care. By sponsoring a child you are providing hope and a future. Please take a moment now to donate and change the lives of these children. To make a donation  please click DONATE button to see donation details or contact us by clicking HERE CONTACT US